Five College Consortium

Spring 2019 Courses

Subj Abbr Course # Sect #sort descending Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution
HACU 0100 0 Independent Study - 100 Level Hampshire College
HACU 0200 0 Independent Study - 200 Level Hampshire College
COMM 497P 01 ST-On Citizenships&Belongings Kimberlee Perez M W 2:30PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
HISTORY 392E 01 S- The U.S. in Latin America Kevin Young TU TH 1:00PM 2:15PM UMass Amherst
HISTORY 354 01 Hist Of Mexico Kevin Young TU TH 10:00AM 11:15AM UMass Amherst
PORTUG 496A 01 IS-Intensive Port Luiz Amaral;Bruno Goncalo Nogueira Sales M W F 2:30PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
POR 125 01 ELEMENT PORTUG SPANISH SPEAKER Malcolm McNee MWF 11:00-12:10 Smith College
PORTUG 312 01 Advanced Composition Luiz Amaral;Bruno Goncalo Nogueira Sales M W F 10:10AM 11:00AM UMass Amherst
POR 381 01 SEM: BRASIL PROFUNDO Malcolm McNee MW 01:10-02:30 Smith College
PORTUG 309 01 Brazilian Women Tal Goldfajn TU TH 2:30PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
PORTUG 397C 01 ST-HeritageLangInstruct/Childr Simone Gugliotta;Luiz Amaral W 4:00PM 6:30PM UMass Amherst
SPN 220 01 CONTEMP CULTR SPAN-SPEAK WORLD Molly Falsetti-Yu MWF 11:00-12:10 Smith College
PORTUG 397T 01 ST-Trans&Interpr/PortugSpeakng Cristiano Mazzei TU TH 1:00PM 2:15PM UMass Amherst
SPN 240 01 T: PAGE/ STAGE-ARGENTINA Maria Harretche TTh 10:30-11:50 Smith College
SPN 246 01 T- LAT AM LIT & CULTR: JEWISH Silvia Berger MW 09:00-10:20 Smith College
SPN 372 01 T: LAT AM & IBERIAN- CONFLICT Maria Harretche TTh 01:00-02:50 Smith College
POR 215 01 ADV CONVERSATION & COMPOSITION Marguerite Harrison MWF 11:00-12:10 Smith College
ANT 237 01 NATIVE SOUTH AMERICANS Elizabeth Klarich TTh 09:00-10:20 Smith College
LATAM 180 01 Intro to Latin American Cultrs Lowell Gudmundson MW 11:00AM-12:15PM Mount Holyoke College
LATAM 389 01 Agrarian America Lowell Gudmundson TH 01:30PM-04:20PM Mount Holyoke College


Many courses in addition to those listed below may be eligible for fulfilling the requirements of the Five College Latin American, Caribbean & Latino Studies Certificate. Students are encouraged to consult an LACLS Program campus advisor to identify courses that are appropriate for their interests.