Guide to Preparing & Publishing Semesterly Program Course Lists

 To help students and advisors plan ahead and encourage awareness of course offerings across the campuses, and across disciplines, each Five College academic program engaged with courses or curriculum coordination (e.g. certificate programs, majors, departments and others) is expected to prepare and publish a list of courses as well as other useful advising tools recommended by the program steering committee.

Semesterly course lists need to be updated in October and again in March, in preparation for each advising and pre-registration period. To make arrangements for publishing on your Five College program website a list of courses that your program committee has gathered, contact your program's Five College staff liaison by October 1 to plan for the Fall advising & pre-registraiton period, or February 1 for the Spring advsing & pre-registraiton period.

Semesterly course lists are published on the Five College website with dynamic links to the course description as it appears in the online course catalogue at the campus offering the course. (See below for more detail.)

Alternatively, or in addition to posting semesterly course lists, your program may choose to develop a relatively static list of courses that are likely to be offered over the next few years. While not dynamically linked to the registrars’ databases, a static program course list can support long-term planning and does not require upgrading each semester.

The list of courses provided by each academic program can be accessed at the program's website and from the sidebar menu at the Five College Course Schedule.

Logistics & Preparing the course list

When undertaking the task of creating a semesterly course list, one of the biggest challenges for program committee members is the timing required for gathering course information. Each program committee will need to devise a strategy for becoming informed about relevant courses being offered in subsequent semester(s) before any course schedules are publicly available at any of the campuses.

To gather information about courses that would be included in the program’s course list, we encourage conferring with colleagues across departments and campuses, as well as discussing upcoming course plans during council or committee meetings.

Each program committee is asked to submit course information via a web-based document provided by Five College Academic Programs staff. (Contact for more information.)

The web-based document requests the following information about each course:

  • campus
  • course title
  • name(s) of instructor(s)
  • course number
  • course subject name or the subject abbreviation 


Online Publishing

The Five College website content management system provides a tool for listing courses in conjunction with the Five College online course schedule which includes information about courses offered at all five campuses that are available for interchange registration.

The website content management system tool for course listings is structured in such a way that once the course number and other basic information is entered, the web page will display the title of the course, instructor, and a link to the course description as automatically provided by the registrar’s online course schedule at the campus offering the course. Please note that abbreviations in course title from the home campus online course listing will be replicated by the Five College content management system tool for course listings.

The default order in which courses will appear with the website content management tool is as follows:

  • grouped alphabetically by campus name
  • then grouped alphabetically by subject abbreviation
  • then grouped by course number in the order of lowest to highest

We realize that some Five College programs wish to structure the online presentation of the semesterly course list differently than this default order, and in accordance with program requirements or other categories. Please be in touch with your program's Five College staff liaison as soon as possible to discuss options regarding presentation of courses listed on the program website.