Five College Consortium

Guide to Five College email listservs

About Five College listservs:

For groups spanning multiple campuses that share interest in a particular theme or topic, Five College email listservs are a primary means of communication and circulating information, including event announcements.
There are more than 35 Five College email listservs.

Five College program listservs are maintained via Amherst College IT. Hence, each Five College listserv email address ends with “" Users of a Five College listserv are expected to follow the Amherst College Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy.

Each Five College academic program is expected delegate a member of the program steering committee to manage the program’s listserv(s). To make arrangements for your program please contact B. Omar Acevedo.

How do I create a new Five College listserv?

Contact B. Omar Acevedo for assistance.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to a Five College listserv?

To subscribe or unsubscribe to listservs, use this online form. (New users will be required to create a username and password to access the system.)

I am having trouble with my subscription or with sending a message to a listserv, what do I do?

Contact B. Omar Acevedo for assistance.

Make sure that you are sending your message from the email address with which you are subscribed to the listserv, otherwise the system won't "recognize" the sender.

If your email address changes, please be sure to update your listserv subscription(s).

What are the Five College listserv groups that I can join?

Students, faculty members and staff members at the five campuses are invited to join the following Five College email listservs. (Some listservs are restricted to faculty and/or staff members, as noted.)


Listserv Name

Listserv Email Address

Five College African Studies Program Community Listserv

African Diasporas Faculty Listserv

New England Regional African Studies Association Listserv

Five College Architectural Studies Program Community Listserv

Five College Anthropology Faculty Listserv

Five College Asian Pacific American Studies Program Community Listserv

Five College Biomath Faculty Seminar Listserv

Five College Biophysics Faculty Seminar Listserv

Five College Blended Learning Initiative

Five College Buddhist Studies Program Community Listserv

Five College Community Based Learning Program Listserv

Five College Crossroads in the Study of the Americas Faculty Seminar LIstserv(CISA)

Five College Culture, Health and Science Program Community Listserv

Five College Digital Humanities Program Listserv

East Asian Studies Faculty Listserv

Five College Ethnomusicology Program Listserv

Five College East Asian Languages Program Listserv

English Faculty Members

Five College Film Studies Program Community Listserv

Geology Faculty Members

History Faculty Members

Five College Inter-Asian Political Culture Group, (for Faculty Seminar)

Judaic Studies

Five College Faculty Seminar in Childhood Studies

Five College Languages (for faculty & Staff Members)

Five College Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Working Group

Five College Latin American, Caribbean, Latina/o Studies Program

Five College Middle Eastern Studies Faculty Listserv

Five College Native American & Indigenous Studies Program Listserv

Five College Performing & Production Arts

Five College Public & Applied Humanities Project

Five College Queer & Sexuality Studies Program Listserv

Five College Russian Eurasian Eastern European Studies Program Community Listserv

Five College Religious Studies Faculty Seminar LIstserv

Sociology Faculty Members Listserv

Five College Sustainability Studies Program Listserv

Spanish Language Instructor Listserv(for faculty members)

Five College Women's Studies Research Center Listserv