Guide to Booking Meetings & Catering

Determining a date for meeting

Given the need to coordinate across varied schedules, determining a date for a meeting can be challenging for Five College collaborative groups. For a series of meetings across a semester or academic year, pre-scheduling at least one semester in advance is advised. For groups that meet regularly, determining a regular meeting time may also be useful (for example, every third Thursday of the month at 11:00am). Omar Acevedo is also available to assist with meeting scheduling.

Reserving a meeting room at 97 Spring Street

There are two meeting rooms at 97 Spring Street. The Burn Room holds twenty people comfortably.  The Dining Room holds ten or twelve.  If you require a larger space, it is possible to reserve space at Amherst College, or at any of the other campuses.

To book a room please email, call, or visit the Five College Strategic Engagement Specialist, Omar Acevedo, 413-542-4013.

When making a booking, please specify:

  • What is the date, time and duration of meeting? (Evening and weekend meetings are arranged by special request. If you have not arranged evening or weekend meetings before, we advise contacting your program liaison.)
  • What is the preferred space: Dining Room or Burn Room?
    • If space is not available at Five Colleges we can arrange for your meeting to take place at Amherst College, or at any of the other campuses. Please contact Omar Acevedo for more information.
    • How many attendees?
    • Have you planned for lunch to be served? (See below for more details about budgeting and arranging food to be served at a meeting.)
    •  Any tools/technologies you require, for example: projector, laptop, etc.?

Snow days/weather closures & rescheduling

The Five Colleges central office building at 97 Spring Street will occasionally close due to inclement weather, in which case all meetings will also be cancelled. Such closures are announced on our website and via message at 413-542-4000. (Five Colleges central office will usually close if at least three campuses announce closures.) To reschedule a canceled meeting, follow the steps outlined in this guide.

Barring unforeseen circumstances such as weather related closures, alterations to a scheduled meeting plan within one week in advance of your meeting date may not be easily accommodated. Please be in touch with Omar Acevedo as early as possible if you anticipate any changes in your meeting plans.

Making arrangements for lunch meetings at 97 Spring Street

Please consult with the Five College staff liaison to your program to plan for funding and costs of catering. (Special arrangements are often made for programs that currently do not have a program budget allocation.)

After planning for funding and costs is complete, please contact Omar Acevedo with the following information at least one week in advance of your meeting. Catered meals should be arranged with as much advance planning as possible.

  • How many people?
  • Any dietary restrictions or preferences?
  • Lunch sandwiches are from The Pub or The Works and usually delivered by 11:45 am.

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