Guide to Website Content Management

Website Content Management for Five College Academic Programs

Most Five College academic programs are provided with an area on the Five College website to maintain a program website. If your program does not have a webpage and would like to create one, you can request a basic program site or get more information about opportunities for training in website content editing and management.

Programs with web-pages are responsible for maintaining content on those pages. We encourage all programs to maintain current information such as program contact information and a program description including a listing of participating campuses. Those programs coordinating curriculum (for example, Five College departments, majors, certificates and others), are expected to post current information about academic requirements, current lists of courses recommended by the program (see Guide to Publishing Course Lists), as well as information about affiliated faculty members and advisors.

All website content is expected to conform to copyright regulations as well as the Five College Website Style Guide currently available on request from our Communications Office. Contact Kevin Kennedy, Director of Communications for more information.

Creating the text, images or video that is displayed on the program website is the responsibility of the program steering committee.

If your program requires assistance with posting or manipulating content on the website, please contact your program's Five College staff liaison for advice.

Program committee members (or individuals hired by a program) who wish to learn about editing website content can request instruction.  Request website editing training.