Five College Consortium

Accessible Multimedia

Multimedia includes video, audio, interactive websites, games, or any other media used in or out of class, online or in person.

Qualities of Accessible Multimedia

  • Video has captions
  • Audio has descriptions
  • The interface is navigable using only the keyboard (no mouse)

Common Problems

  • Flash animations are not accessible
  • Captions are missing
  • Subtitled foreign language films present problems for visually impaired students
  • Anything relying on one mode of perception

Strategies for Accessibility

  • Add captions 
    • This can be time consuming and/or expensive
    • If you have a script or transcript of the video it is MUCH easier
    • It's a good idea to build captioning into the budget/plan of work of any video production project
  • Post a transcript of video or audio
  • Add descriptions
    • This can also be very time consuming and/or expensive
    • The needs for descriptions may be very different depending on student and context
    • Follow CAST Web Accessibility Guidlines for online multimedia

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