Five College Consortium

Accessible Documents

Required and suggested readings and documents should be accessible. These include articles, readings, course packets, handouts, scripts, or any document referred to in or out of class.

Qualities of an Accessible Document

  • It is in digital form
  • It has computer-recognizeable text or has been processed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software
  • There are no DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions
  • Images and other visual media have descriptions
  • There is one document page per PDF page

Common Problems

  • It is from a scan and does not have computer-recognizeable text
  • There are two document pages per each PDF page
  • The original is a scan or copy of previously annotated or highlighted documents
  • Color is used to convey meaning within the document

 Strategies for Accessibility

  • Start with a clear, clean scan or born-digital file
  • Process the document with text-recognition or OCR software such as Robobraille
  • Know the best settings on your copier or scanner for OCR and text recognition

Help & Advice

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