Five College Consortium

Five College Converter Guidelines

The quality of conversion will depend on the quality of the original document uploaded.

  1. Original documents in the following formats will produce quality conversions: doc, docx, rtf, txt, xml, asc.
  2. Scanned documents and image-based files will depend on the quality and clarity of the document. The document will be pre-processed using OCR (optical character recognition) to convert to a text-based document. It will then be converted into the output desired.
    1. If scanning the document:
      1. Make sure that it is a clean scan with good contrast and no dark markings or smudges.
      2. Make sure that the text is aligned and not skewed.
    2. If image-based format:
      1. Try converting to a Tagged PDF and then copy/paste into a text or word processor.
      2. If you can't convert to a Tagged PDF, then follow the guidelines under 2.a.