Terms of Use

The Five College Converter is a self-service utility provided free of charge to members of the Five College community:  Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, by Five Colleges, Incorporated.

This service is offered on an as-needed and as-is basis; neither Five Colleges Incorporated nor the service provider, Sensus Robobraille, make any guarantee as to the accuracy and quality of the converted file. Conversions are created digitally without human interface. This service is provided for your academic and personal use. By using this service, the user agrees to abide by any copyright and fair use laws and any applicable institutional policies. Please note that simply converting a document to an accessible version does not violate US copyright laws, even if the result is a complete second copy of the document.

Five Colleges, Incorporated reserves the right to terminate our contract with Sensus Robobraille at any time for any reason without notice to any user. 

This is a new service and we appreciate any feedback from service users as to the ease of use of the service and the quality of the converted files. We recognize that many documents may not convert well because the original quality is poor; however, poor-quality conversion of "clean" or digital documents is of great interest to us. Please provide us with your feedback via our feedback form.