Five College Consortium

Accessible Web-Based Systems and Resources

Any site or system accessed online should be accessible.

Qualities of Accessible Web-Based Systems and Resources

  • Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for accessibility
  • Can be navigated without a mouse
  • Is compatible wth common screen readers or text-to-speech software
  • Online multimedia is accessible

Common Problems

  • Google Apps - each individual app needs to be evaluated individually (Google Product Accessibility)
  • Google Drive and Docs - is "mostly accessible" (Google Accessibility initiatives)
  • Flash animations are not accessible
  • Third-party sites and services need to be evaluated individually
  • Use of color to convey meaning
  • Moodle is generally accessible, but look out for inaccessible files, modules or content
  • Fonts:
    • Ornate fonts (cursive, fantasy)
    • font variations (bold, italics)
    • blinking and moving text (marquee)

Strategies for Accessibility 

  • Use testing tools (see below) to check if internal and external sites or systems are accessible
  • Take time-based accommodations into account when setting lock-out times

Help and Resources