Five College African Studies Program

African Studies Listservs

The Five College African Studies Program listserv is open to faculty, staff and students interested in African Studies to share announcements and information. Visit the AFRICA-L page to subscribe or unsubscribe.
Subscribers send messages to AFRICA-L@LISTSERV.AMHERST.EDU.

The listserv for Five College African Studies business is for faculty members only. Visit the FCASFAC-L page to request to subscribe or unsubscribe. 
Subscribers send messages to FCASFAC-L@LISTSERV.AMHERST.EDU.  

Other Africa related listservs include AFRDIASPORAS-L for African Diasporas Faculty and FCASPALUMNI-L for Five College African Scholars Program Alumni. Please contact Marie Muir, Assistant to Academic Programs, for more information about joining these listservs.

Why do these listservs end in ""?
All Five College program listservs are hosted by Amherst College.

Visit the Five College Academic Programs FAQs section to learn more about Five College email listservs.