Student Groups

Amherst College

African and Caribbean Student Union of Amherst College (ACSU)

The African and Caribbean Students' Union of Amherst College fosters, analyzes and celebrates African and Caribbean cultural and political identities. The ACSU educates and empowers the Amherst community by raising awareness about Africa and the Caribbean in order to dispel stereotypes and instead, instill cultural pride Africans and Caribbean. The African and Caribbean Students' Union is a group for students who identify themselves with the African and/or Caribbean culture, however it is open to all students of Cultural/Ethnic Backgrounds. Additionally, the ACSU works to create awareness about issues in Africa and the Caribbean as well as establish a community for sharing and embracing the cultures.

Mount Holyoke College

The Mount Holyoke College African and Caribbean Students Association (MHACASA) 

MHACASA was formed in January 1993 out of the need for an organization that puts issues of Africa and the Caribbean at the top of the agenda. MHACASA is an organization in which African and Caribbean students can come together and educate one another and the Mount Holyoke community about the place from which they come. In addition the organization makes active efforts to eradicate the stereotypes created by mass media and ignorance.

Smith College

The Smith African and Caribbean Student Association (SASCA)

The Smith African and Caribbean Students Associaton(SACSA), is anorganization dedicated to people of African and Caribbean decent. Members currently include individuals from all continets relating to the African Diaspora. As an organization, we promote awareness of different African and Caribbean issues, events, art, cultures and cuisine. We hold a number of talks and conferences during the year, fund raise, host parties but most importantly we work together to respect and sufficiently represent our different backgrounds in our everyday interactions with the Smith and Five College community.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

UMass African Students Association

The African Students Association (ASA) is a dynamic group of students, mostly africans, who undertake various activities and cultural events with the goal of promoting awareness of the rich African culture and people. We hope to use this site to further our goals by providing interesting content on the African continent and people, as well as our provide information on
our upcoming events. Please feel free to explore any area on our site and do not hesitate to contact the webmaster, or the members of this group.

The University of Massachusetts African Graduate Student and Scholars Association (AGASA)

AGASA was formed in 2001 with the aim of giving guidance and support to registered African Graduate Students and Scholars affiliated with the five colleges in the Pioneer Valley. Amongst other objectives, the association is to network with other organizations on and off campus such as the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), ALANA, and the GEO on issues of mutual interest, strengthen its capacity to serve as a resource on African issues, and to create awareness and advocacy in the university research community and beyond about issues that are pertinent to African development. To guide the conduct of this association, the founding members prepared a constitution which is still operational till date.

Other Organizations & Projects

Engineers Without Borders UMass

Engineers Without Borders UMass is a student organization dedicated to helping local and international communities create sustainable solutions to improve their quality of life. Current projects include: Kenya Project Potable Drinking Water, Namawanga Village, Western Kenya.

The Mount Holyoke College Association of Pan-African Unity - (APAU)

APAU, an organization for persons of African descent, plans and implements activities and programs designed to increase awareness of Africa's unique and diverse cultural heritage within the Mount Holyoke and the Five College community. APAU also serves as a support group that facilitates social activities to bring women of color together. APAU's main office is in the Betty Shabazz Cultural Center.

Youth Action International (Amherst, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and Smith College Chapters)

Youth Action International is a national humanitarian organization dedicated to establishing and implementing programs, providing funds, and facilitating rehabilitation strategies and resources to children affected by war, poverty, and hunger. Youth Action International actively pursues governments, organizations and relevant parties to ensure the promotion of children's, women's and general human rights as enshrined in international conventions.

Note: To add your organization or project to the list please e-mail the Council Chair or Five College staff liaison.