Five College African Studies Program

Study Abroad & Global Education in Africa

The Five College African Studies Council is committed to supporting students who wish to study
 abroad in Africa. Below please find a set of links that will direct you to the various resources offered at the five campuses. 

Studying abroad is not an isolated experience limited to the weeks and months spent in the host country. The depth and success of the experience depends largely on how well a student is prepared before, and how directed the process of reflection is upon his or her return to the US. Before traveling to Africa, students should be sure to take advantage of courses that will increase their understanding of their host region’s geography, history, and politics. Several complimentary courses and seminars will facilitate the student’s reentry to the US through directed reflection. Among the five-college faculty, many professors have specialized in different regions within Africa, and are pleased to speak with students before and after their experiences abroad. Language courses at the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages are offered for many of the common Study Abroad destination countries. Study Abroad administrative offices at each college offer many additional resources to students considering, planning to, or returning from study in Africa.