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Do You Have Federal Work Study? 
You can get paid for tutoring children if you have work-study.

The hours are flexible, usually in the morning or afternoon, and you will be working with professional teachers and educators. The grades range from preschool to sixth grade, or older for math, and tutoring ranges from one on one to small groups to dramatic readings. As a Five College America Reads Tutor you will be required to attend two training classes (you will get paid for the trainings). The first is an Overview Session that you need to complete before you begin tutoring (it's an hour and a half long). The next training session is called the Extended Training Workshop.

In return, as a tutor you get a good rate of pay, and more importantly, you become a part of a child's learning experience in a challenging and fulfilling environment.

How do I get started?

First, you should sign up for the Overview Tutor Training Session. This hour long session introduces you to the America Reads Program, gives you insight into basic elementary classroom etiquette and procedures, and equips you with some tutoring strategies to get you started as a tutor. More extensive training will follow later in the semester . After you've signed up for the Overview Training, go and look for a job at an America Reads site! Our list of participating sites can be found here. You can select the age of the children you would like to work with, the location of the school or agency (an agency is an after-school program, a library, a childcare center, a pre-school); and the times which work for you.  Decide which school/agency will work best for you and you will work best for them. Find a place? Call for an interview!

Before you go to the interview, it is a good idea to email, call, or stop by your Student Employment/Financial Aid Office for needed paperwork that the America Reads site and you have to complete before you may begin working. You can call to get specific information on your college/university's employment procedures by clicking on the Contacts link. 

I don't have work study. Can I volunteer to be an America Reads Tutor?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We welcome all volunteers to help promote children's reading. As a volunteer, you will still need to attend the training sessions offered by Five College America Reads to become better equiped as a tutor. To find a position, please go to the jobs page and look through the positions offered, taking into consideration the age group you would like to work with and the times which are most convenient for you to work. Contact the school/agency and set up an appointment to become a reading volunteer. If all goes well, you can begin tutoring as soon as you have finished the Overview Training. You can look for a position before you complete the Overview Training, though we encourage you to sign up for the training as early as possible.

Tutors can also participate in the America Counts Program, an initiative to improve the math skills of children.