America Reads and Counts Tutor Trainings

Overview Trainings (OT)

Purpose: To get you started as a tutor. Find out how to become a tutor and to become familiar with our protocols and expectations, and learn some initial tutoring tips and techniques.

Requirement: Attend a one hour OT at one of the five colleges before you begin tutoring (although you can begin calling agencies/schools to set up interviews before attending). Offered towards the beginning of each semester.

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Extended Training Workshops (ETW)

Purpose: To learn about tutoring in greater detail, particularly techniques for helping children of particular age groups, special needs or other topics (ie: math tutoring and behavior management).

Requirement: To attend one ETW towards the beginning of your tutoring career. The workshop is intended for new tutors, and we prefer you attend the ETW of the first semester you tutor. The ETW is scheduled every semester in the beginning/middle of the semester on a weekend day, and lasts four hours. University faculty and area teachers deliver great workshops. Food is provided and you are paid for your time.

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