Nicola M. Courtright
Professor of the History of Art and European Studies

*Heidi Gilpin
Associate Professor of German and Chair of Architectural Studies

Ronald C. Rosbottom
Winifred L. Arms Professor in the Arts and Humanities and Professor of French and European Studies

*Gabriel Arboleda 
Assistant Professor, Sustainable Architecture


Polina Barskova
Assistant Professor, Russian Literature and Film and Urban Studies

Myrna Breitbart
Professor Emerita, Geography and Urban Studies

*Karen Koehler
Professor, Architectural and Art History

*Thom Long
Associate Professor, Architecture and Design

James Miller
Professor, Communications


*Michael T. Davis
Professor of Art History and Architecture (Medieval, Modern, Islamic)
Chair, Architectural Studies Program

Jessica Maier
Associate Professor of Art History and Architecture (Early modern, Baroque, History of maps)

Ajay Sinha
Professor of Art History and Architecture (Indian art, Asian art, Indian films)

Joseph Smith
Professor of Art (Studio art and sculpture)

Paul Staiti
Professor of Art History and Architecture (American art, cultural history, film studies)


Bridget Buettner
Professor of Art and Chair of Department

Laura Kalba
Associate Professor of Art

*Barbara Kellum 
Professor of Art  

Dana Leibsohn
Professor of Art

*Elisa Kim
Assistant Professor of Architectural Studies

John Moore
Professor of Art, Associate Chair of the Department

Frazer Ward
Associate Professor of Art


Caryn Brause
Assistant Professor, Architecture & Design

Carey Clouse
Associate Professor, Architecture and Landscape Architecture

*Naomi Darling
Assistant Professor, Sustainable Architecture

Joseph Krupczynski
Associate Professor, Art & Architecture History  

*Kathleen Lugosch
Professor, Art, Architecture, Art History  

Ray Kinoshita Mann
Associate Professor, Architecture Committee Chair
Art & Art History  

Max Page
Professor, Art, Architecture & Art History
Graduate Program Director of Historic Preservation  

Sigrid Miller Pollin
Professor, Art, Architecture & Art History

Pari Riahi
Assistant Professor, Architecture Department

*Stephen Schreiber
Professor and Program Director, Architecture + Design  

*Member of the 5 College Architectural Studies Committee