FCAD Undergraduate Curricular Offerings

Offerings on Each Campus

The Five College Astronomy courses are taught among all of the Five College campuses. To find which courses are offered at which school in a particular year, start from the Five Colleges page Taking Courses on Other Campuses, find Enter Subject Name or Department and enter ASTRONOMY. This will bring up a list of astronomy offerings at all campuses in the selected semester, with links to catalog descriptions at each school.


Follow the normal procedures at your home school to register for a course taught there. For off-campus Astronomy courses, the guidelines linked from the Five Colleges page Cross Registration Guidelines. Because the time period for pre-registering for courses can differ among the five institutions you may not be able to register for an off campus course during your pre-registration period. It is recommended that you send an email to the professor of the course you hope to take to express your interest in the class, in addition to waiting for the registration period to open.

Core Courses in the Shared Undergraduate Astronomy Curriculum

AST 200Practical Astronomy
AST 220Topics (Public Policy, Science Communication, Astrobiology)
AST 223Planetary Science
AST 224Stars/Discovery of Fundamental Properties
AST 225Galaxies/Discovery of Dark Matter
AST 226Cosmology
AST 228Astrophysics I
AST 330Seminar (Supernovae, Mars, Moon, Galaxy Evolution)
AST 335Astrophysics II
AST 337Techniques of Optical and Infrared Astronomy, I
AST 341Techniques of Optical and Infrared Astronomy, II
AST 352Astrophysics III