FCAD Mary Dailey Irvine Fund

FCAD Mary Dailey Irvine Fund

In honor of Mary Dailey, Smith College, class of 1922

•Travel Support for Undergraduates
•Travel Grants for Graduate Students
•MDI Cash Award for Distinguished Senior Thesis in Astronomy

Recipients of MDI Prize for Distinguished Senior Thesis

2020 - Olivia Cooper (Smith College): Tales from our Dusty, Warped Past: Lensing Environments of Planck-selected Submillimeter Galaxies Observed with Gemini

2019 - Olena Komarova (Smith College): V410 X-ray 6: A Multi-wavelength Study of Transition Disk Properties at the Substellar Boundary

2018 - Alex Watson (Amherst College): Examining Astrometry and Photometry of the Close Companion HD 142527 B Through Direct Imaging

2017 - Laura Breitenfeld (Mount Holyoke College): Predicting olivine composition using Raman spectroscopy

2016 - Kevin Harrington (UMass), Most Luminous, High-redshift Starbursting Galaxies Discovered Using Planck

2015 - Wanda Feng (Smith College), Revisiting Forbidden Lines in T Tauri Stars

2014 - Jennifer Podel (Smith College) Accretion and Winds in Young Stars from Spectroscopy

2013 - Srishti Kashyap (Mount Holyoke College), An Fe(III) Transforming Deep Sea Thermophilic Archaeon

2012 - Erica Jawin (Mount Holyoke College), Relationship Between Radar Scattering And Lunar Surface Roughness

2011 - Kathryn McKinnon (UMass)

2010 - Lindsay Barbieri (Hampshire College), Late-Amazonian Climate Change on Mars

2009 - Jonathan Tucker (Amherst College), Calibrating Chemcam: Preparing to Probe the Red Planet

2008 - Coleman Krawczyk (UMass), Ambient Molecular Cloud Emission in the Regions of Methanol Masers

2007 - Catherine Walker (Mount Holyoke College), Variation of Solar Wind Parameters over a Solar Cycle

2006 - Tiffany Picard (Mount Holyoke College), Rotational Properties and Radii of the Stars in NGC 2264

2005 - Katherine Whitaker (UMass), XMM-Newton Study of IC 10 and the Variable X-Ray Source X-1

2005 - Selby Cull (Hampshire) A Dynamic Digital Map of Mars

2004 - Sam Singer (Hampshire) Creation of H.A.R.P. Observatory and Time-Series Photometry

2003 - Andria Updike (Smith College) Magnetic Helicity in Solar Flares

2002- Kathryn Peek (Mount Holyoke College), A Formation Scenario for Saturn's Rings

2002- Julie Nantais (UMass), Radio-FIR Correlation for Galactic HII Regions

2002 - Jay Dickson (Hampshire College), Water on Mars: A Synthesis of Hydrologic Features

2000 - Jessica Bonjorni (Smith College) The Enigmatic Variable XX Scuti