Five College Buddhist Studies Certificate Program


His Holiness and the Five College Buddhist Studies Faculty.

Amherst College
Maria HeimReligion, 542-8475
Sam MorseFine Arts, Asian Languages and Civilizations, 542-2282

Hampshire College
Susan DarlingtonSocial Science (Anthropology), 559-5498
Alan HodderHACU (Comparative Religion), 559-5747
Ryan JooHACU, 559-5589 (on leave 2010-11)

Mount Holyoke College
Susanne MrozikReligion, 538-2721
Indira PetersonAsian Studies, 538-2376
Ajay SinhaArt and Art History, 538-2473

Smith College
Jay GarfieldPhilosophy, 585-3649
Jamie HubbardReligion, 585-3449
Marylin RhieArt History, 585-3138
Constance KassorReligion,
Andrew RotmanReligion, 585-3348

University of Massachusetts
Stephen MillerAsian Languages and Literatures, 545-0208
David K. Schneider, Asian Languages and Literatures, 545-4954
Reiko SonoAsian Languages and Literatures, 545-4947