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Brazilian Portugays: Pajuba' and LGBT Language and Culture in Brazil

Fri, Mar 24 2017 - 12:15pm to 1:30pm
Lewis Global Studies Center, Wright Hall
Steven Butterman is Associate Professor and Director of the Portuguese Language Program at the U. of Miami. He is author of Perversions on Parade: Brazilian Literature of Transgression and Postmodern Anti-Aesthetics in Glauco Mattoso (2005) and has published widely articles on Brazilian film, poetry, music, and LGBTQ culture.
Dr. Butterman will discuss a chapter from his forthcoming book, “Brazilian Portugays: LGBT Language and Culture in Contemporary Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo,” focusing on ways minority sexualities are addressed in the reference genre, including the first “gayspeak” dictionaries published in Brazil. He will also address roles, influences, and social dynamics in Brazilian LGBT language of Bajubá (or Pajubá), a Yoruba-Bantu-Portuguese creole sociolect originally associated with Afro-Brazilian religious practices and adopted as a secret language among Bahia’s transgender/travesti community.
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