Plurals, Paradox and Modality

Thu, Dec 6 2018 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Campus Center 103/104 Combined

20th Annual Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz-Thomas Tymoczko Memorial Logic Lecture

Stewart Shapiro, Professor of Philosophy, Ohio State University, Distinguished Professor, University of Connecticut, Professorial Fellow, University of Oslo, will argue, first, that certain natural language examples - so-called superplurals - prove empirically problematic for extant analyses that reject the existence of plural entities.

What these examples reveal, ultimately, is the need for groups, or collections viewed as entities in their own right. However, since these iterate like sets, they lead to Russell's Paradox. He will sketch a potentialist theory of groups according to which group-formation is merely potential, as opposed to actual or complete.

Smith College
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