Stephen Finley: Wheels, Wombs and Women ~ Louis Farrakhan, UFOs and the Religious Meaning of Black Women's Bodies in the Nation of Islam

Mon, Dec 3 2018 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Fayerweather Hall, Pruyne Lecture Hall
black female bodies for website

Join us for a public lecture by Stephen C. Finley, Associate Professor at Louisiana State University. Finley is a member of the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Louisiana State and is the Director of the African & African American Studies Program. This presentation will argue that making theoretical sense of UFO (what the Nation of Islam calls the "Mother Wheel") discourses in the Nation of Islam and--indeed--Louis Farrakhan's own UFO narrative are necessary to make sense of the ultimate significance of race, "gender" and sexuality in the religion. More specifically, the religious meaning of women's embodiment in the Nation of Islam are refracted though the meaning of Farrakhan's own body, which is not intelligible outside of his UFO narrative. In short, wheels, wombs and women are inextricably bound in the Nation of Islam. This event is generously supported by the Amherst College Religion Department and the Willis D. Wood Fund.

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