Author Talks: Sonia Nieto and Alicia López

Tue, Apr 23 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
W.E.B. Du Bois Library 2601
Sonia Nieto

Sonia Nieto has devoted her professional life to questions of diversity, equity, and social justice in education. Elected as a member of the National Academy of Education in 2015, she is Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy, and Culture, College of Education, UMass Amherst. The first edition of her first book Affirming Diversity (1992), now in its 8th edition (editions 5-8 with co-author Patty Bode), was selected by the Museum of Education’s Readers Guide as one of the 100 books to help define the field of education in the 20th century. She is the author, editor, or co-author of 12 books including Finding Joy in Teaching Students of Diverse Backgrounds (2013), as well as a memoir, Brooklyn Dreams: My Life in Public Education (2015) and most recently, a co-authored book with her daughter Alicia López, Teaching, A Life’s Work: A Mother-Daughter Dialogue (2019). The recipient of many awards for her scholarship, advocacy, and activism, she has also been awarded nine honorary doctorates.

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