Remembering Fallujah-Repairing Memory, Rebuilding Communities, Restoring Justice

Thu, May 2 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Integrative Learning Center Room: S240
Remembering Fallujah

The Iraqi city of Fallujah has become an epicenter of geopolitical conflict, where foreign powers and non-state actors have repeatedly waged war in residential neighborhoods with staggering humanitarian consequences.

Join us for a screening of the award winning animated film Le Parfum d'Irak and community discussion on Fallujah. The director, Feurat Alani, among with scholars Ross Caputi and Dr. Kali Rubaii will be in attendance to discuss the ongoing conflict in Fallujah and their different approaches to studying and raising awareness about a city that has been at the center of the Global War on Terror.

- Feurat Alani: Journalist and Director of Le Parfum d’Irak
- Dr. Kali Rubaii: Anthropologist and author of Counterinsurgency and the Ethical Life of Material Things in Iraq’s Anbar Province
- Ross Caputi: PhD student of history at UMass and US Marine veteran of the second siege of Fallujah, author of The Sacking of Fallujah: A People’s History

Hosted by the UMAss Department of History, co-sponsored by: UMass Graduate School, departments of Political Science, Communication, Comparative Literature, and Film Studies.

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