Faculty and Community Seminar on Interpreting Studies and Practice

Thu, Dec 5 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Interpreting Studies and Practice

Spoken Language Interpreting In U.S. Schools: An Emerging Field

The interpreting profession in the US has specialized without ever generalizing. Such trend is continuing with spoken language educational interpreting (and translation) now taking front and center stage. This arena is not new, but just as with legal and medical, it has hit that mysterious moment when demand for services, better compliance with legal mandates and maturing practitioners have tipped the field into a formal process of professionalization. Katharine Allen will explore these trends, the current efforts underway to create a national code of ethics and the broad skill set educational interpreters need to do their job, which present unique challenges to training programs focused on this specialization.

UMass Amherst
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