Campus Pandemic Updates

Overview of campus information, decisions, and plans related to the COVID-19 pandemic

All of the Five College campuses are taking measures to ensure safe operations for students, faculty, and staff. Some of the related policies are highlighted on this page; specific policy information and expectations can be found on each campus' COVID-19 page.

This information is updated regularly. The last update was made on October 21, 2021.

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Status Update


There will no longer be any restrictions on student and College-sponsored travel; campus gatherings and events will no longer be limited to 50 percent capacity, but cannot exceed 100 percent of space occupancy; and Valentine Hall campus dining has expanded its occupancy to 100 percent. (Service will remain “to go” only for faculty and staff.)

UMass Amherst

COVID-19 vaccinations, including boosters for Pfizer and Moderna (3rd dose) and Johnson & Johnson (2nd dose), are available on the lower level of the Campus Center by appointment. Flu vaccinations are also available for UMass students, staff and faculty.


All consortium campuses are requiring students and employees to be vaccinated, with exceptions allowed for health and religious reasons. See the links below for individual campus policies.


All consortium campuses are requiring that masks be worn indoors unless an individual is alone in an office. Policies on outdoor mask requirements vary. See the links below for individual campus policies.


All four college campuses are requiring regular testing of all students and employees; UMass is requiring testing only of those who are not vaccinated, though testing is readily available for all. See the links below for individual campus policies.

Campus Access

While students and faculty members from each Five College campus are allowed access to the classroom facilities of other Five College campuses, each campus has its own policies on access to other campus resources. Click the links below for full campus visit policies.


Click the links below for policies regarding campus members traveling outside the state and abroad.

Meetings and Events

The campuses may have restrictions on event capacity or attendees. General information on campus events can be accessed using the links below.