Archive PhotoHolyoke Campus Community Compact
The Holyoke Community-Campus Partnership Project came together around a capacity building grant from Third Sector New England. The group held a two-year dialogue series including Holyoke community members, youth, representatives from organizations and city officials as well as members of faculty, staff and students from the Five Colleges and HCC. The result of this process was a set of best practices for building strong community-campus partnerships called the Holyoke Community Campus Compact.  Download the publication or view more at

From Charity to Justice
Authors Sam Marullo and Bob Edwards (2000) "argue that educators and community leaders should channel the vast resources of volunteerism toward social change for a more just society and discuss ways that service-learning endeavors contribute to this process. Download "From Charity to Justice" (Marullo & Edwards, 2000).

Building Sustainable Community/University Partnerships
This piece is from a chapter of the book Inside and Out: Universities and Education for Sustainable Development written by members of the Five College Committee for Community-Based Learning from Hampshire and Mt. Holyoke Colleges. It addressed the complex nature of campus community partnerships in the Pioneer Valley particularly in regards to Holyoke. The article also gives a brief history of the absolved Holyoke Planners Network. Download "Building Sustainably Community/University Partnerships in a Metropolitan Setting" (Bloomgarden, et. al, 2006).


Useful Tips When Entering Communities Holyoke Bound Image
The Five College Community Based Learning Committee has put together a set of tips that are useful when entering communities. They are adapted from: Dunlap, M. R. (2000). Reaching Out to Children and Families: Students Model Effective Community Service. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Download the publication.