Five College Community-Based Learning (CBL)

Five College Committee for CBL

After a group of committed staff and faculty began meeting to help promote and expand CBL throughout the region, the Five College Committee for Community Based Learning (FCCBL) was officially established in 2003 and has remained active since then.

Current Five College Committee for CBL

Amherst College
Molly Mead - Director of the Center for Community Engagement

Hampshire College
Mary Bombardier - Director of Community Partnerships for Social Change
Myrna Breitbart -
Director of Community Engagement and Collaborative Learning, Professor of Geography/Urban Studies
Ivana Staiti
- Community Engagement and Collaborative Learning Coordinator 
Laura Wenk - Director of Critical Studies Of Childhood, Youth, and Learning Program

Mount Holyoke College
Alan Bloomgarden - Director of Community Engagement, Weissman Center for Leadership
Angelica Castro - Assistant Coordinator of the CBL Program and Advisor to C.A.U.S.E.

Smith College
Tiertza-Leah Schwartz - Director of Voluntary Services
 Assistant Director of Outreach and Community Partnership Coordinator

UMass Amherst
John Reiff - Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning
Carol Soules - Associate Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning

Five Colleges, Inc.
Nathan Therien - Director of Academic Programs
Sarah Lince - Five College Academic Programs Coordinator