Five College Community-Based Learning (CBL)

Five College Committee for CBL

The Five College Committee for Community Based Learning (FCCBL) was officially established in 2003, but a group of committed staff and faculty have been meeting for over ten years to help promote and expand CBL throughout the region.


Five Colleges, Inc.
Nathan Therien - Director of Academic Programs
Maria Cartagena - Five College Community-Based Learning Partnership Coordinator
Sarah Lince - Five College Academic Programs Coordinator

Amherst College
Molly Mead - Director of the Center for Community Engagement

Hampshire College
Mary Bombardier - Director of Community Partnerships for Social Change
Myrna Breitbart -
Director of Community Engagement and Collaborative Learning, Professor of Geography/Urban Studies
Ivana Staiti
- Community Engagement and Collaborative Learning Coordinator 
Laura Wenk - Director of Critical Studies Of Childhood, Youth, and Learning Program

Mount Holyoke College
Alan Bloomgarden - Director of Community Engagement, Weissman Center for Leadership
Angelica Castro - Assistant Coordinator of the CBL Program and Advisor to C.A.U.S.E.

Smith College
Tiertza-Leah Schwartz - Director of Voluntary Services
 Assistant Director of Outreach and Community Partnership Coordinator

UMass Amherst
John Reiff - Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning
Carol Soules - Associate Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning