Support Services - Family

Amherst Family Center
The Amherst Family Center offers a variety of support services for parents. Their programs include support groups, literacy programs for both parents and children, educational programs related to parenting issues and fun events. Families can also use the center’s playrooms during drop-in hours. 121 N. Pleasant St. (back of Unitarian Meetinghouse), Amherst. (413) 256-1145

Family Outreach of Amherst
Family Outreach caseworkers are here to respond to family crises such as those related to housing, parenting, medical or mental health. Caseworkers can refer families to appropriate service agencies as well as provide ongoing support. Family Outreach can also assist with mediation in housing disputes, accessing healthcare, accessing childcare and other family needs. There is also support for juvenile offenders and their families. Amherst residents only. 150 Fearing St, Amherst. (413) 549-5548.