Support Services - Miscellaneous

Amherst Survival Center
The Amherst Survival center offers a variety of resources. The food pantry requires proof of residence and income, but the other services are open to everyone.
- food pantry to eligible people
- lunch served four days a week
- free used clothing
- free household and personal items
- referral services
The address is 1200 N. Pleasant St. Call (413) 549-3968 for hours or specific information.

Everywoman’s Center
The Everywoman’s Center is a UMass-based center that provides mental and emotional support. You do not need to be a UMass student to be a client. The Counselor/Advocate program supports people who are going through sexual assault, domestic violence, or sexual harassment. The Resource Referral Program allows staff members to examine your problem or crisis and connect you with community resources that can help. The Center is located in Wilder Hall, UMass. Main office phone: 413-545-0883. 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: (413) 545-0800.

First Call for Help
Depending on where you live, there are help lines available to give you advice when you are in need of assistance. The operators are experts on the range of social service resources available throughout the state. They have information about emergency fuel, health needs, domestic violence, food resources, emergency aid, problem solving and so much more. They will either counsel you or refer to the agencies that best meet your needs.
First Call for Help (Franklin County): (413)774-2318
First Call for Help (Hampshire County):(413) 582-4237 or (800) 339-7779
Help Line (Hampden County): (413) 737-2712

Hampshire County Rape Crisis Hotline
Operated by the UMass Everywoman’s Center, the Rape Crisis Hotline is there not only to assist people in rape-related emergencies, but also for counseling those who have been assaulted in the past or are supporting someone that has been assaulted. The hotline is open to all genders and is available 24 hours. (888) 337-0800.

Northampton Survival Center
In addition to a food pantry (see under Food Resources), the Survival Center also offers free clothing, household items, books and toys. Clients can also receive referrals to other resources. 265 Prospect St, Northampton. (413) 586-6564.

Safe Passage
Safe Passage provides support and services to those experiencing relationship violence. All services are free, confidential, and available in English, Spanish, and other languages. Safe Passage offers a wide range of support groups that give battered women the opportunity to meet and talk with others who are or have been in similar situations. Their staff can also assist with securing housing, welfare, child protection, employment, educational, and legal advocacy, as well as information and referrals. Other services include the provision of food, clothing, emergency funds, and other basic necessities for families that are fleeing domestic violence. 43 Center St. Suite G, Northampton. For services: (413) 586-1125. 24-hour hotline: (413) 586-5066.