Bridging Liberal Arts & Professional Graduate Health Education

From 2014-16, the Five College Program in Culture, Health, and Science (CHS) engaged in a project to examine connections between liberal arts and professional graduate health education. The project, titled "Bridging Liberal Arts and Graduate and Professional Education and Training for Health Studies," was sponsored by the Five Colleges, Inc./Andrew W. Mellon Foundation initiative for Bridging the Liberal Arts and Graduate and Professional Education.

The Health Studies Bridging Initiative allowed us to re-envision the links between undergraduate and graduate education in health-related fields. The project accomplished the following:

1. Supported development of three new health-related courses: Imagining Illness taught by Sally Sutherland (Mount Holyoke), Japan Through Its Afflictions taught by Amanda Seaman (UMass), and Feminist Health Politics taught by Kirsten Leng (UMass).

2. Hosted three intensive, interdisciplinary faculty seminars: Bridging Liberal Arts and Public Health (facilitated by Aline Gubrium and Lynn Morgan), Mysteries and Meanings of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (facilitated by Alan Goodman), and The Engagement Project: Community, Economy, Health (facilitated by Felicity Aulino). 

3. Reflected on the evolution of undergraduate public health programs in relation to the liberal arts curriculum and graduate health studies within the Five College institutions and beyond. Resulting publications include: 

4. Hosted residencies of experts (including Susan Albertine, Eileen Anderson-Fye, Bryon Good, Mary Jo DelVecchio Good, Jeremy Smith, and Scott Stonington) whose work connects health education, practice, and scholarship in new and creative ways.