Five College Program in Culture, Health, and Science

Student Timeline

This is a general guideline to get students through the certificate in a timely fashion; however, each student will need to tailor this timeline to fit within his/her schedule. Please meet with your advisor regularly and email any questions to

**NOTE** You may still be eligible for the certificate even if you have not been in the program since your freshman year. If you think you have fufilled some of the requirements and are intered in getting the certificate, please email CHS or contact an advisor.

  • Freshman:
    • Fall Semester:
      • See if any of your general education requirements appear on the “ever approved” course list for CHS
      • Print off your checklist and begin to fill it out
    • Spring Semester:
      • Take at least two courses that fulfill different categories on the CHS checklist—a list of ever approved courses, as well as an approved course list for that semester will be posted to the CHS website at the time of advising.
  • Sophomore:
    • Fall/Spring Semester:
      • Work to fulfill the requirements on the CHS checklist
      • Meet with your advisor during advising periods to be sure you are on the right track
  • Junior:
    • Fall Semester:
      • Begin discussing possible internships or individual research project options to fulfill the program’s individual project requirement.
    • Spring Semester:
      • Finish individual project requirement, or have plans well in place to finish this requirement (If you are using a Senior Thesis or Division III it is understood that these may not be completed until the final semester of your undergraduate education)
  • Senior:
    • Fall Semester:
      • Check-in with your campus advisor to ensure that you will fulfill all the requirements in time for graduation in the spring.
      • During advising, make sure you have fulfilled all of your certificate requirements. If you are missing anything, be sure to include those in your spring semester scheduling.
    • Spring Semester:
      • Be sure that your checklist will be completed by the end of the semester
      • Turn-in checklist with a copy of your unofficial transcript to your CHS advisor by the date listed on the website.