Suggested Student Timeline

This is a general guideline to get students through the certificate in a timely fashion; however, each student will need to tailor this timeline to fit within his/her schedule. Please meet with your advisor regularly and email any questions to

**NOTE** Students may enter the certificate at any stage in their undergraduate career. If you think you have fulfilled some of the requirements and are interested in getting the certificate, please email CHS or contact an advisor.

Getting Prepared:

  • Look over courses you’ve taken already to see if prior courses may fulfill any of the requirements.
  • Print off your checklist and begin to fill it out. We also have a helpful “4 Year Plan” document available that may help you visualize the entire range of requirements that you are personally subject to.
  • Arrange to meet with an advisor on your campus. The advisor doesn’t have to be within your discipline, though seeing someone who has experience with a discipline similar to yours may be helpful.


  • Continue meeting with your advisor during advising periods to be sure you are on the right track.
  • Decide whether you want to take up to three courses that can be double-counted for your major.
  • Keep in mind where you may have space to add courses that are CHS-only requirements.
  • Get involved with CHS activities and events! We are always emailing out information about relevant internships, field-schools, talks and programs. Let us know if you hear about an event we should publicize!
  • Every semester we hold a CHS-only event, usually a pizza party, as an opportunity to meet other CHS students. We'll announce it on the listserv and Facebook page.

Final Project:

  • Discuss possible internship or project possibilities with your advisor—the project must be human health applicable and approved by your advisor.
  • It is a good idea to do this sometime around junior year / first semester of senior year.
  • If you are using a Senior Thesis or Division III it is understood that these may not be completed until the final semester of your undergraduate education.

Readying for Graduation:

  • Make sure to go to an advising appointment before your last semester to verify that you have fulfilled all of your certificate requirements. If you are missing anything, be sure to include those in your final semester scheduling.
  • Take one last look at the checklist. Make sure any courses for which grades are pending are clearly marked.
  • Review the checklist with a copy of your unofficial transcript with your CHS advisor by the date listed on the checklist form.

  • If your advisor and the CHS Steering Committee agree that you have completed the certificate requirements, the certificate award will be noted on your transcript by the registrar at your home campus.

  • Five College staff will also prepare and mail a hard copy of the certificate to the address listed on the checklist form. This normally occurs in July.