CHS Ever Approved Courses

Download a searchable spreadsheet of CHS Ever Approved Courses (.xlsx).

You can download this document and search for regularly offered courses that have been approved to fullfil CHS certificate requirements. Search by campus, subject or number, as well as by each of the CHS requirement categories:

I: Biocultural Approaches

  • Interdisciplinary and/or comparative approaches that explore the interdependent influences on human health and disease

II: Mechanisms of Disease Transmission

  • Mechanisms of disease growth and transmission within individuals and populations

III: Population Health and Disease

  • Exploring the relationships among social, behavioral, economic and other aggregate population forces on human health and disease

IV: Engaged and Humanistic Approaches

  • Ethical, humanistic, artistic, and engaged approaches to human health and disease, including explorations of healthcare practice, policy, and activism

V: Research Design and Analysis

  • Concepts of evidence, data collection, research ethics, measurement and modes of analysis


If you would like to fulfill a CHS requirement with a course that is not included on the ever-approved CHS course list, please contact your campus certificate advisor to request special permission and discuss your course options. You and your advisor can petition to add a course to the Ever Approved Course list with the Course Petition Form.

For a course to fulfill a CHS requirement at least 30% of the content should be devoted to topics in human health. If you would like to suggest a course for the ever-approved course list please notify us.