Five College Program in Culture, Health, and Science

Ever-Approved Courses

Click the links below to view PDF files of the ever-approved course lists by category. Classes are still being added to the ever-approved list, and spring 2015 courses will soon be included.

The five categories are:

I: Biocultural Approaches

Courses providing an overview of biocultural and comparative approaches to human health and disease.

II: Mechanisms of Disease Transmission

Courses on mechanisms and transmission of health and disease within individuals and populations.

III: Population, Health, and Disease

Courses emphasizing the relationship between social, behavioral, economic and other aggregate population forces and human health and disease.

IV: Ethics, Policy and Practice

Courses that focus on the diverse and interconnected ethics, legal, political, policy and practices issues in health, medicine and health care.

V: Research Design and Analysis

Research design and methods courses exposing students to concepts of evidence, data collection, research ethics, measurement, and analysis.