Category V: Research, Design and Analysis - Approved

Subj Abbr Course # Sect # Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution
CSI 0218 1 Bioethics/Post-Genomic Age

Jennifer Hamilton

02:30PM-05:20PM W

Hampshire College
NS 0265 1 Statistics

Elizabeth Conlisk

02:00PM-03:20PM T,TH

Hampshire College
ANTHRO 281 01 Research Methods Anthropology

Stacey Matarazzo

M W F 10:10AM 11:00AM

UMass Amherst
PUBHLTH 391B 01 Intro to Biostat for Pubhlth

Gregory Matthews

M W F 9:05AM 9:55AM

UMass Amherst
PUBHLTH 490D 01 Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Susan Hankinson

M 4:40PM 7:10PM

UMass Amherst