Spring 2013 Courses


BIOL 110 Contagion (II)

ECON 214 Health Economics Policy (III)

HIST 414 Therapeutic Rev/Modern Medicine (I)

WAGS 201 Gender & Science (I)

 BIOL 104 Food, Fiber, and Pharmaceuticals (I)

BIOL 181 Adaptation and Organism (III)

BIOL 210 Biostatistics (V)

BIOL 241 Genetic Analysis (II)

BIOL 395 Physical Law and Biology (II)

BIOL 410 Disease Biology (II)

MATH 130 Intro to Stats (V)

NEURO Intro to Neuroscience (II)

PHIL 223 Health Care Ethics  (IV)

POSC 402 Humanitarianism (IV)

PSYCH 123 Research Methods (V)

PSYCH 122 Statistics and Experemental Design  (V)

PSYCH 227 Developmental Psychology  (I)

PSYCH 228 Abnormal Psychology (I)

PSYCH 233 Cognitive Psychology (I)

PSYCH 357 History of Psychiatry (I)

WAGS 201 Feminism, Gender, and Science (I)


IA 161 Living for Tomorrow: Cultural Contestations, Gender Politics and the HIV & AIDS Epidemic (I, II)

IA 266: Getting It Out There (IV)

CSI 201: Law, Science, and Medicine (I, IV)

CSI 222: Rethingking/Population Problem (III, IV)

CSI 243: Sexual/Reprod Rights/Lat America (III, IV)

CSI 241 Renaissance Bodies: Sex, Art, Medicine (I)

CSI 276 What is Psychotherapy? (I, II) 

CSI 249: Critical Ethnography CS 301 Happiness (I)

CSI 313 Environment and Community (I, III)

CSI 370 Mind and Brain (I)

CSI 308 Re-Minding Culture: Advanced Topics in the Study of Mental Illness and Culture (I, III)

NS 108 The Art of Life (I)

NS 158 Brain Mechanisms (II)

NS 123: Human Biological Variation (I, II)

NS 235 Molecular Biology (II)

NS 247 Cell biology (II)

NS 248 Epidemiology (III)

NS 252: Modern Disease and Culture (I, II)

NS 265 Statistics (V)

NS 329 Immunology (II)

NS 390: Global Women’s Heath (III)

NS 272: Anthropology of Reproduction (III)

NS220 Human Physiology (II)

NS 265 Intro to Statistics and Experimental Design (V)

NS 390 Selected Topics in Global Women's Health (I, III)


LATAM 287 Structural Inequalities (III)

ANTHRO 316 Gender Food and Agriculture (I, III)

ANTHRO 245 Global Health and Humanitarianism (I, III)

BIOL 145 Into to Bio: Diversity of Life Evolution (II)

BIOL 201 Postbacc. Intro Bio II  (II)

BIOL 220 Cell Biology (II)

BIOL 265/PHIL 265 Controversies in Public Health (I, IV)

BIOL 301 Regenerative Medicine: Biology and Bioethics (II, IV)

BIOL 333 Neurobiology (II)

NEURO 100 Intro to Neuroscience and Behavior (II)

NEURO 250 Introduction to the Biological Bases of Behavior (II)

NEURO 330 Biology of Neurological Disease (II)

PSYCH 328 Depression and Anxiety (II)

PSYCH 110 Understanding Mental Health (I)

PSYCH 200 Research Methods in Psychology (V)

PSYCH 250 Intro Bio-Bases of Behavior (II)

PSYCH 201 Statistics (V)

PSYCH 230 Developmental Psychology (I, II)

SOC 340 Sociology of Medicine (I)

STAT 140 Introduction to the Ideas and Applications of Statistics (V)

STAT 240 Elementary Data Analysis and Experimental Design (V)

STAT 344 Sem Statistics/Scientific Research (V)


ANTH 344 Anthropology of Drugs  (I,II)

ANTH 226 Archaeology of Food (I, III)

BIO 204 Microbiology (II)

BIO 150 Cells, Physiology, and Development (II)

BIO 323 Topics in Developmental Biology: Embryology, Ecology, and Evolution (II, III)

BIO 230 Genomes and Genetic Analysis( II)

BIO 300 Neurophysiology (II)

BIO 322 Cancer: Cells Out of Control (II)

BIO 350 Molecular Biology of Infection Disease (II)

ECO 213 World Food Systems (I, III)

IDP 208 Women's Medical Issues (I, III)

MTH 190 Statistical Methods for Undergraduate Research (V)

NSC 210 Introduction to Neuroscience (II)

NSC 312 Seminar in Neuroscience: General Anesthesia (II)

PSY 190 Statistical Methods for Undergraduate Research (V)

PSY 222 Psychopharmacology (II)

PSY 218 Cognitive Psychology (I, II)

PSY 225 Health Psychology (I)

PSY 233 Child Development (II)

PSY 252 Abnormal Psychology (I, II)

PSY 325 Health Psychology: Issues in Mind/Body Medicine (II)

PSY 350 Culture, Ethnicity, and Mental Health (III)

SOC 328 Sociology of Wellbeing (I, III)

ESS 250 Nutrition and Health (I, III)

ESS 340 Women’s Health Current Topics (I, III)

PHI 242 Topics in Medical Ethics (IV)


ANTHRO 100 Human Nature (I)

ANTHRO 379RR: Disease Ecology (I, II) 

ANTHRO 397U Anthropology of growth and Development (I, II)

ANTHRO 397GB ST:Global Health: Biosocial Perspective (I, III)

ANTHRO 597PE ST-Political Economy of Health (I, III)

ANTHRO 597GA Anthropology of Aging (I, III)

BIOL 105 Biology of Social Issues (III)

BIOL 285 Cellular and Molecular Biology (II)

BIOL 312 Writing in Biology (IV)

BIOL 514 Population Genetics (III)

BIOL597A Cancer Genetics (II)

COMM 397LL ST-Health Communication (III, IV)

ECON 349 Economics of Health (IV)

EDUC 276 Erroneous Beliefs (IV)

FOOD-SCI 101 Food and Health (II)

KIN 119 Human Performance and Nutrition (II)

KIN 297WP ST- Wellness Programming (IV)

KIN 394 AA Applying Kin Health Concepts to Real World Health Challenges (IV)

KIN 397P ST-Exercise in Health and Disease (II)

KIN 440 Wellness for All (III, IV)

KIN 571 Physical Activity & Woman's Health (III, IV)

LEGAL 391G S-Women and the Law (IV)

NURSING 312 Cultural Diversity/Health & Illness (I)

NURSING 327 Psych-Mental Health Nursing (IV)

PHIL 164 Medical Ethics (IV)

PHYSICS 590M– Medical Physics (V)

PUBHLTH 129 Health Care for All (III, IV)

PUBHLTH 160 My Body, My Health (IV)

PUBHLTH 320 Principles of Public Health Practice (III, IV)

PUBHLTH 324 Epidemiology of Public Health (II, V)

PUBHLTH 390G Holistic Health and Healing (I, IV)

PUBHLTH 391B Intro to Biostatistics for Public Health (V)

PUBHLTH 397A ST-Intro to Global Health (I, III)

PUBHLTH 490EW Epidemiology of Women's Health (II, V)

PUBHLTH 565 Environmental Health Practices (II, IV)

PUBHLTH 590D International Organization and Population Health (III)

PUBHLTH 591: S-Reproductive Epidemiology (III, V) 

PUBHLTH 614 International Health, Population and Development (III)

PUBHLTH 620 Intro to US Health Care System (IV)

PLSOILIN 140 Plagues: The Ecology of Disease (II)

PLSOILIM 280 Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants (II)

PLSOILIN 297D ST-Traditional Herbal Medical Systems II (I, IV)

PLSOILIN 297K ST-Clinical Herbalism II (I, IV)

PSYCH 240 Statistics in Psychology (V) 

PSYCH 330 Behavioral Neuroscience (II)

PSYCH 391 EE Obesity (II)

PSYCH 391UU Intellectual Disability and Mental Health (II)

PSYCH 391NE Neuroethics (IV)

FOOD-SCI 580 Food Borne Diseases (II)

MICROBIO 160 Biology of Cancer and AIDS (II)

MICROBIO 255 Intro to Medical Microbiology (II) 

MICROBIO 494PI Poverty, Race, and AIDS in the US (II, III)

NUTRITIN 130 Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle (II)

NUTRITIN 230 Basic Nutrition (II)

NUTRITIN 480 Medical Terminiology and the Nutrition Care Process (IV)

NUTRITIN 572 Community Nutrition (III)

NUTRITIN 577 Nutrition Problems in the US (III, IV)

Spring 2013 Five College Program in Culture, Health, and Science Courses

Subj Abbr Course # Sect # Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institutionsort descending
KIN 110 D05 Human Performance & Nutrition

TU 11:15AM 12:05PM

UMass Amherst
NUTRITN 130 AD04 Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle

M 1:25PM 2:15PM

UMass Amherst
PSYCH 240 AL01 Statistics In Psychology

Alexandra Jesse

TU 5:30PM 6:20PM

UMass Amherst
PUBHLTH 160 D12 My Body, My Health

F 12:20PM 1:10PM

UMass Amherst
KIN 110 D03 Human Performance & Nutrition

M 3:35PM 4:25PM

UMass Amherst
NUTRITN 130 AD02 Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle

M 11:15AM 12:05PM

UMass Amherst
PSYCH 240 BL02 Statistics In Psychology

F 2:30PM 3:20PM

UMass Amherst
PUBHLTH 160 D11 My Body, My Health

F 12:20PM 1:10PM

UMass Amherst
KIN 110 D01 Human Performance & Nutrition

M 1:25PM 2:15PM

UMass Amherst
NUTRITN 130 AD07 Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle

W 9:05AM 9:55AM

UMass Amherst
PSYCH 240 CL01 Statistics In Psychology

W 4:00PM 4:50PM

UMass Amherst
PUBHLTH 160 D10 My Body, My Health

F 12:20PM 1:10PM

UMass Amherst
KIN 297WP 01 ST- Wellness Programming

Frank Rife

TU TH 9:30AM 10:45AM

UMass Amherst
NUTRITN 130 BD01 Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle

W 8:00AM 8:50AM

UMass Amherst