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Five College Crossroads in the Study of the Americas (CISA)

CISA Archives

Although still a relatively young institution, CISA already has a solid record of courses, symposia, colloquia, lectures and seminars. The CISA Archives provide a home for this record.

  • CISA-Sponsored Courses:

    • Rethinking the Americas

      Prof. Jana Braziel

      Umass Amherst, Spring 2003

    • Global Markets, Global Culture?:

      Profs. Calas

      UMass Amherst, Fall 2002

    • Rethinking the Americas

      Profs. Schwartzwald, Nash, Candelario, Risech, Stephens, Maira and Peterson

      UMass Amherst, Spring 2001

    • Global Markets, Global Culture?:

      Profs. Calas, Marentes, and Schwartzwald

      UMass Amherst, Fall 2000

  • CISA-Related Courses:
  • Student Symposia:

    Faculty Seminar Series:

    • Fall 2002 - Rethinking the Americas: Dany Laferrière and Haiti
    • Spring 2000

    • Fall 1999

    • Spring 1999-

      • "Contemporary Crossover: 'Who's Passing for Who?'"

        - Led by Emily Bernard, Afro-American Studies, Smith College

      • "ISIS and the Secoya Survival Project"

        - Led by Herb Bernstein, Hampshire College; and Jim Oldham, Secoya Survival Project

      • "Native American Self-Determination and the Politics of Recognition:

        A dialogue on Native American and liberal democratic notions of law and nation."

        - led by Peter D'Errico, University of Massachusetts; and Daniel Salée, Concordia University

      • "Reconceptualizing Black Exile:

        The "International" Dimensions of African American Life"

        - Led by Michelle Stephens, Mount Holyoke College.

  • CISA Visiting Faculty

  • Public Events:

     Nov 21st, 2002

    • "'The Cry of Mad Birds' -- Haitian Diaporic Literatures, the War Machine and State Terror in a Transnational Context"

      Public Lecture by Jana Evans Braziel

      4:30 pm. Fayerweather 113, Amherst College

    • March 6-7, 2003
      "Trans-American Crossroads: Haiti and the Making of the Americas"

      Interdisciplinary Colloquium organized by Jana Evans Braziel.

      Cole Assembly Room, Amherst College
      CISA Sixth Annual Student Symposium: Spring 2003

      • Call For Papers: March 25th
    • "Latinos and Major League Baseball: Sport, Globalization and the Poetry of Justice"

       A Symposium with Lara Nielsen, Samuel O. Regalado, Arturo Marcano, Martin Espada, Luke Salisbury and Mario Diaz

      April 26, 2002

       "'Baseball is Also a Place of Struggle': Major League Baseball, Globalization and the Poetics of Pelotero Performances"

    •  Lecture by Prof. Lara Nielsen

      November 13, 2001

       Lecture: "Robert F. William: Afro-Orientalism and the 'World Black Revolution'"

    •  by Prof. Bill Mullen

      Hampshire College

      Feb 22. 2001

       Lecture on Siberian and North American Indigenous Cultures

    • by Dr. Aleksander Vaschenko (Moscow State University)

      Amherst College Russian Center

      March 29, 2001

       "Forum on Race, Politics and National Belonging"

    •  Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1, 2000

       "Yo! Havana Raps: The Rap Scene in Contemporary Cuba"

    •  with Deborah Pacini Hernandez and Reebee Garofalo

      "Queer Theory, Queer Performance: Luis Alfar's Memory Performance"

    •  with José Muñoz

       "'Mexperimental Cinema': Avant-Garde Media Arts from Mexico"

    •  with Josh Kun and Jesse Lerner