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Fall 2016

People listening to a presentation

Biomath becomes newest certificate program

From measuring the interactions of the smallest atoms to tracking changes within the largest environmental systems, the discipline of biomath is ideal for investigating some of life’s most interesting challenges.

“The field of biology is changing in a dramatic way, as cheap, plentiful data becomes readily available,” says Rob Dorit, Smith College biological sciences professor. “The question is: how do you extract value from it? That’s where biomath comes in.”

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Doors to the World offers literacy resources to teachers and the public

teachers in a classroomChanging how literature is taught, how to engage families in their children’s learning and the ways schools approach multicultural education—these are just a few of the skills teachers gained from their participation in the 2016 Doors to the World summer institute.

Bringing global lit to the classroom >>

Collaborations: Fall 2016
Blending new approaches to teaching and learning

“We’re in a moment where I think some of these things are here to stay, and it’s exciting to me to figure out how we’re going to participate in these new trends in higher education.”

That’s TreaAndrea Russworm, new faculty coordinator for the Five College Blended Learning Initiative, talking about the growing use and impact of technology in education.

Leading the conversation about technology in the classroom >>

Library collaboration precedes the consortium

Collaborations: Fall 2016Cooperation among Five College libraries began decades before there was a consortium, and has evolved along with our campuses. At its most fundamental, library collaboration means books can easily be shared among the campuses. A patron can search online from among 10 million volumes, check out a book and have it delivered to their home campus within 24 hours. In fact over the past year 21 percent of all library borrowing was by people from other campuses. Intercampus borrowing puts people in touch with the information they need and it takes the pressure o home libraries to carry so many titles. is reduction in duplication saves money and space and allows for greater collection diversity. 

Lorna Peterson prize awarded to Mount Holyoke student

Collaborations: Fall 2016Each year Five Colleges awards the Peterson Prize to a student embodying the commitment to collaboration that characterized Lorna Peterson, the consortium’s longtime executive director who retired in 2009. Mount Holyoke graduate and Five College Queer and Sexuality Studies Program student Patricia Garcia is this year’s winner.

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Opera to explore shame in small-town New England

Sin, secrecy and shame collide and combust in the story of a gay professor exposed by authorities for possessing male erotic photos. The setting was Northampton in 1960, and the professor was renowned literary pioneer Newton Arvin, who taught at Smith. The Scarlet Professor, a new opera by Amherst music professor Eric Sawyer and UMass theater professor Harley Erdman, tells Arvin’s story and will premiere September 2017 as a joint Five College Opera and Live In Concert, Inc. production.

Bringing the past to life >>


Instructional Technology Specialists for Blended Learning: 
Sylvia Nashipae Mosiany, Smith College graduate
Michelle Anderer, Smith College graduate
José Rodriguez, Amherst College graduate

At the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages:
Carson Carruth, Hindi Teaching Assistant
João Baltazar, Specialist for Innovative Language Learning 

Collaborations: Fall 2016
Taking Note

Five College Digital Humanities project spearheaded by two professors is making words written millennia ago come alive again for an entirely new audience—-a digital one.

Ancient writing in a modern era >>

Four dancers with ties to the Five College Dance Department swept up all the 2016 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship awards in choreography. 

These competitive fellowships are awarded on the artistic quality and creative ability of the individual, and each comes with a $12,000 grant to the awardee. 

The four are: Hampshire assistant professor Deborah Goffe; Mount Holyoke 2016–17 visiting artist Candice SalyersSC MFA ’03; Amherst librarian Sara Smith HC ’95; and Dahlia Nayar, who has taught dance at Smith. 

conference panelists


In April, Hampshire hosted the D.I.G. (Decolonizing Indigenous Generations) Annual Decolonization Symposium and the Five College Native American and Indigenous Studies Annual Symposium. The symposium brought together three Indigenous scholar-activists who are working in their local communities and in transnational spaces to decolonize the ways Indigenous peoples imagine, map and enact their futures.


UC Berkeley emeritus professor Anthony Newcomb delivered the  rst annual Elizabeth Mazzocco Memorial Lecture in April at UMass. The lecture is named for the director of the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages and professor of Italian at UMass Amherst from 1990 until her death in 2014. She was a specialist of language pedagogy and a scholar of the Italian Renaissance.

library annex groundbreakingWork begins on library annex

Staff members from Five Colleges and its campuses participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Five College Library Annex in Hatfield. From left: Ida Hay, Five College Library Repository Collection Assistant; Kathy Leigh, Five College Library Repository Collection Supervisor; Jason Fuller, Five College Library Repository Collection Assistant; Jennifer Gunter King, Hampshire College Director of the Library; Simon Neame, UMass Amherst Dean of Libraries; Neal Abraham, Five College Executive Director; Susan Fliss, Smith College Dean of Libraries; Chris Loring, former Smith College Director of Libraries; Alex Wirth-Cauchon, Mount Holyoke College Executive Director of Library, Information, and Technology Services; Barbara Lucey, Five College Treasurer.


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