Post-bacs fill key staffing niches

Four post-bacs
Five College post-baccalaureate fellows—“post-bacs,” for short—are supporting projects in two Andrew W. Mellon Foundation–funded initiatives: Digital Humanities and Blended Learning. Digital Humanities (DH, as insiders call it) emphasizes the use of digital technologies in teaching, learning and research in the humanities and humanistic social sciences; Blended Learning (aka Blended) focuses on the use of a mix of online and in-person resources for teaching and learning.

The post-bacs work with students and staff and faculty members on specific projects, helping them overcome technical bumps as they introduce digital approaches into their research and teaching. In addition, each current post-bac has a specialty: Kimberly Bain AC ’14 coordinates workshops, events and the DH speaker series; Mariel Nyröp HC ’14 is a technologist who maintains the DH website and helps DH projects find technologies that meet their interests; Jeffrey Moro AC ’13 manages project micro grants and works with student fellows (pre-bacs, if you will); and Criss Guy AC ’14 helped to organize a Blended Learning workshop in March and a Institute for the launch of a second round of projects in May.  

Post-bacs taking a selfie
All four agree that as staff members who emerged from the academic experience just months ago, post-bacs have a distinct perspective on effective teaching and learning environments. “Post-bacs are uniquely suited to building community across student, staff and faculty lines,” says Moro, “because of our proximity to the student experience.”

The program will continue with four positions next year, including a new Blended post-bac at the Center for the Study of World Languages.

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