Student symposia, performances and exhibitions for 2014–15

Dancer performing at Arabic NightThis year students from all five campuses came together in a wide variety of symposia, exhibitions and performances, celebrating their own work and learning from one another.

Anthropology Student Symposium, April 25, 2015, at Hampshire College

Arabic Night (pictured right), November 14, 2014, at UMass Amherst

Art: Advanced Studio Design Seminar Exhibition, November 14, 2014            

Chinese Student Speech Contest, April 10, 2015, at Amherst College

Choral Festival, February 21, 2015, at Smith College

Cinema & Media Studies Undergraduate Conference, April 24–25, 2015, at Smith College

Coastal and Marine Sciences Student Poster Session, April 14, 2015, at Amherst College

Students working together at DataFestDataFest (pictured left), March 27–29, 2015, at UMass Amherst
See photos here from the two-day event

Digital Humanities Conference, May 2, 2015, at Amherst College

Ethnomusicology Certificate Celebration, April 12, 2015, at Amherst College

Film and Video Festival, February 27, 2014, at Hampshire College

Geology Student Symposium, April 16, 2015, at Amherst College

Hack Holyoke, April 3–4, 2015, at Mount Holyoke College

Hack UMass, April 11–12, 2015, at UMass Amherst

Student performing at Jazz FestJapanese Student Speech Contest, March 28, 2015, at Amherst College

Jazz Fest (pictured right), March 5, 2015, at Hampshire College

Korean Student Speech Contest, April 3, 2015, at UMass Amherst

New Student Orientation Social, January 23, 2015, at UMass Amherst

PoetryFest: Reading by Students of Awarded Work, March 4, 2015 at Mount Holyoke College

Queer and Sexuality Studies Conference/Symposium: LGBT Rights in Latin America and Beyond, April 3, 2015, at Amherst College

Tai Yuan Puppet Theater, March 1, 2015, at UMass Amherst

Students performing at WORD festivalWORD! Staged Reading of Student Work (pictured left), March 26, 2015, at UMass Amherst