Teaching future teachers

Sarah Frenette educates future educators. The Mount Holyoke-based Five College Teacher Licensure Coordinator helps students from Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke become licensed to teach in Massachusetts classrooms. Advising them as they choose courses, acquire field experience and prepare for state exams, Sarah ensures that each student’s course of study fits with the curriculum of her or his home campus. “The process looks a little different on each campus,” she says, “but the important thing is that it feels right to the students.”

Anna Young in a classroomOne of Frenette’s students is Anna Young (pictured here), a senior at Amherst College who is student teaching at the Amherst-Pelham Regional Middle School. “As a psychology major I love learning about the developing brain, but I missed that human interaction,” she says. “When I heard about the Mount Holyoke Education Licensure program, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for psychology, mathematics, learning and teaching into one career.

“The licensure program has provided me with ideas and teaching strategies based on current research in the educational field, which has been crucial in both content instruction and classroom management. Although having my own classes at first seemed so incredibly intimidating, I quickly found myself well prepared and at ease in my classroom.”

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