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Spring 2016

Spring 2016

<< Schools Partnership engages hundreds of K-12 educators

An exploration of ways to inspire racial and social justice organized by the Five College Schools Partnership drew 130 K-12 teachers, college and high school students and higher education instructors from around western Massachusetts. The education dialogue was one of many examples of the partnership bringing together the energy and resources of Five College faculty members and classroom teachers.  
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Dozens of K-12 educators, Five College professors and their students gathered in Holyoke for an education dialogue on the subject "Teacher and Student Leadership for Social and Racial Justice.” For more photos visit our SmugMug gallery.

Spring 2016

Strategic plan sets new course for Museums10 >>

Museums10 celebrated its 10th anniversary by developing a strategic plan to strengthen its individual members by leveraging the shared resources of their collaboration. Composed of seven campus museums and three independent affiliates, Museums10 is probably best known for the joint exhibitions it has coordinated—Go Dutch!, Bookmarks and Table for 10—but it has also organized professional development workshops for its own staffs and for area K12 educators, coordinated museum marketing efforts and successfully applied for hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding. Read more . . .

Navajo weaver Lynda Teller Pete discusses the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum 
exhibition "Dancers of the Nightway" in March. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.


Spring 2016

<< Students take advantage of many venues for meeting each other and presenting work

Each year students have many opportunities to share their work with peers and the consortium community through symposia and performances. Below is a sampling of what has been taking place this year:

New Music Festival, UMass
Word Play: Five College Studio Art Exhibition Opening, Mount Holyoke
New Student Orientation Social, UMass
Geology Poster Session, Amherst
Architectural Studies Symposium, Hampshire
Student Film and Video Festival, UMass
Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference, Hampshire
Innovative Language Learning Symposium, Mount Holyoke
Undergraduate Film Studies Conference, Mount Holyoke
Poetryfest, Hampshire
Applied Humanities Learning Lab: The 1937 Project Exposition, UMass
African Studies Community Dinner and Student Performances, Hampshire
Datafest, UMass
Coastal and Marine Sciences Student Poster Session, Amherst
Ethnomusicology Student Symposium, Amherst
WORD! Five College Festival of Staged Readings, Mount Holyoke
Anthropology Undergraduate Student Conference, UMass
Digital Humanities Symposium, Amherst

Above: A scene from the photobooth at the Five College Orientation Social. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.

Spring 2016

Schools Partnership hosts poetry celebration >> 

In coordination with Mass Poetry, the Five College Partnership sponsored a daylong celebration of poetry in December at UMass, attracting hundreds of western Massachusetts middle and high school students to take workshops and hear performances by acclaimed poets, including Martin Espada, award-winning poet and UMass professor. Photo by Ben Barnhart. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.

Ann Becker, UMass public health nurse.

<< Tabletop exercise underscores value of emergency planning collaboration

A workshop in late November walked campus and community representatives through the process of collecting, distributing and administering vaccines in the event of a virus outbreak on the campuses. Organized by the Five College Emergency Preparedness Committee and hosted by UMass, the “tabletop exercise” was the latest in a series of efforts in recent years to coordinate campus responses to a spectrum of emergencies, from blizzards to shooters. Read more . . .

Ann Becker, UMass public health nurse and longtime Five College emergency preparedness committee member, makes a point during the November tabletop exercise. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.

50th-anniversary moment >>Spring 2016

During the intermission of the fall faculty dance concert at Mount Holyoke, State Representatives John Scibak and Ellen Story and State Senate President Stan Rosenberg read a resolution passed by the Massachusetts legislature commemorating Five Colleges’ 50th anniversary. Photo by Ben Barnhart. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.

Spring 2016

<< Faculty and staff of color reception

In March, Five Colleges hosted what has become a regular semester event: a reception for faculty and staff members of colorPhoto by Ben Barnhart. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery. 

Word Play: Five College Advanced Spring 2016

Studio exhibition opening >>

Each year, Five Colleges supports an advanced studio course for top student artists from the five campuses. They work with an instructor throughout the semester to develop their art, and then display it in an exhibition at the end of the year. The 2015 show was held in December at Mount Holyoke. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.

Spring 2016

<< Hack Holyoke: 24 hours of fun

Students from all five campuses spent 24 hours solving problems and innovating creative solutions at Mount Holyoke’s Hack Holyoke event in November. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery. 

Spring 2016

Biomath Student Symposium >>

The Biomath program celebrated student accomplishments March 29 2016 at Smith College. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug Gallery.

Spring 2016

<< Springfield Bound 2016

Students from the five campuses traveled to Springfield on March 18 to meet with community organizations and learn ways to get involved in opportunities in the city. Photos by Noah Loving. For more photos from Springfield Bound, visit our SmugMug Gallery .

Spring 2016

FCWSRC Open Reception >>

The Five College Women's Studies Research Center welcomed their new fellows with a reception at their office on September 24 2015. Photos by Noah Loving. For more photos, visit our SmugMug Gallery.

Spring 2016<< Doors to the World

The Five College Partnership Program hosted a meeting with teachers to continue work on their global literacy project, October 7, 2015. Photos by Noah Loving. For more photos visit our SmugMug Gallery.

"Between Girls" Reception >> Spring 2016

Museums10 member Hampshire College Art Gallery hosted a reception for photographer Karen Marshall and her exhibition, Between Girls: A Passage to Womanhood 1985-2015. Photo by Noah Loving. For more photos from the reception, visit our SmugMug Gallery.

Spring 2016
<< African Studies Community Dinner 


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Writer: Taliesin Nyala HC ’10
Photographer: Noah Loving UM ’19
Additional photography: Ben Barnhart