Route 39

Beginning August 31, 2022, Michael's Limousine Service is providing service between Hampshire and Smith Colleges on weekdays, and between Hampshire College, Smith College and the Route 9 malls on weekend evenings.

See the below schedules for service between Hampshire and Smith Colleges, and Hampshire and the nearby malls. Service begins August 31.
This schedule reflects additional run added on 9-15-2022.

For questions about service, contact Michael's Limousine at 413-583-6392.

If both Smith and Hampshire Colleges are closed for classes because of inclement weather, the 39 will not run. If the campuses close early, the 39 buses will run for one hour after the time of closure to give riders time to catch the bus to their home campus. The evening bus runs will be canceled if the Route 9 malls close due to inclement weather. 

39 service update 9-15-22


Route 39 bus schedule weekend

Route 39 bus schedule service and stops


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