Campus health and safety plans for spring 2021

As of December, 2020, all five of our institutions plan to open their campuses to students for the spring semester at 50 to 60 percent of their full capacity. 

This will allow students to have dorm rooms to themselves, and will reduce numbers of students in buildings and on campuses as a whole. 

Most courses offered will be available remotely, so that students can choose to take them from their dorm room or their family home. 

The campuses will be strictly enforcing the state health and safety guidelines when they do open. This will likely mean mask-wearing on campus and maintaining social distancing, as well as frequent disinfecting of public areas. 

The campuses all have messaging plans in place to instruct and remind students of health and safety practices. 

Campuses will also set rules on residential students leaving campus based on the most current state health and safety guidelines. 

The campuses are working closely with the PVTA to reduce bus service in a way that discourages students traveling unnecessarily into communities while still maintaining necessary service to supermarkets, pharmacies and health centers for students and community members. 

For updates on campus planning, visiting the campus pandemic response page of the Five College website.