Cross Registration: taking courses on another campus

Do many students take many courses on other Five College campuses?

Each year there are about 6,000 course registrations for students taking courses at one of the other four campuses.

As an enrolled student, do I have to pay extra to take a course on another campus?

No. Once you are enrolled on your home campus, you may take courses at no additional cost on the other campuses. The only cost you might encounter would be special fees associated with a course, such as lab fees for a science course or materials fees for a studio art course. (Generally, these are fees also paid by students from that campus.)

How do I enroll in a class on another campus and can I enroll after preregistration is over?

Register for classes at a different campus with your home-campus registrar from the beginning of your campus' preregistration period to the end of the add/drop period. During add/drop, you will need to obtain the class instructor's permission to enroll. Besides that, each campus has different rules for incoming students and students taking classes at other campuses. 
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Is there a maximum number of courses that I can take at the other campuses? 

During preregistration, students may preregister for a maximum of two academic courses at other campuses for the upcoming semester. (Part-time students may have a lower limit.) This preregistration limit may be lifted during add/drop. However, UMass students should check at the Five College Interchange Office in Goodell and students at the other campuses should check with the Registrar’s Office at their home institution to determine if there is a limit on the number of courses you may take at the other campuses in a given semester or overall toward your academic program. You should also check as to whether or not there are restrictions on how a particular course will apply toward your degree.

Note that students from other campuses can take a maximum of two academic courses at Amherst College in a given semester per Amherst College policy.

Where is my official record for Five College cross registration courses?

The official record for any course taken through the Five College Interchange is on the student's home institution transcript. Inquiries brought to the host institution will be referred to the student's home institution.

May men enroll in courses at the women's colleges?

Yes, and they do. Smith and Mount Holyoke are women's colleges, and men from Amherst, Hampshire and UMass Amherst take courses there.

What if I'm on another campus at a meal time?

Students who are on a meal plan on their home campus may eat on another campus as part of their plan. Arrangements must be made in advance. 
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My campus is closed because of bad weather and I'm taking a class at another campus that didn't close. Should I go to class?

If weather conditions are bad enough to close your campus, you probably should not drive to another school. Road conditions will be poor and there will be even less parking available at the campus you are going to. If the buses are running, you may take the bus, but if the weather is worsening, know that there are likely to be significant travel delays and you may not be able to get back to your campus if the buses have to stop running. It is best to call or email your professor right away and explain the circumstances. On mornings when a significant amount of snow has fallen, be sure to check for closures on the homepage of the campus where you'll be attending class.

May I join a club that's on another campus and how to I find them?

Most clubs, intramural sports and extracurricular activities on each campus are open to Five College students. The exception is varsity sports, which in most cases are not open to students from other campuses. 
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