Getting from one campus to another campus

How can I find a bus schedule?

Bus schedules are available in many locations each campus. You can also find schedules online at the UMass Transit website.

How do I find out when express buses run?

Visit the UMass Transit website for up-to-the minute schedules, or call (413) 545-0056.

I'm taking a class at another campus and I would like to drive my own car. Where may I park?

Parking for student visitors is available but limited on all campuses. See the following links for parking information for each campus. To avoid parking issues, you can take the bus. The Five College PVTA bus, offers free service to campuses, downtowns and malls.

For information about parking at the campuses, click one of the following links:

Amherst College
Hampshire College
Mount Holyoke College
Smith College
UMass Amherst

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