[Carol Aleman]Carol Aleman (542-4009) is assistant to the executive director and coordinates communication with Five College Associates.

Sue Dickman (542-4023) is academic programs liaison to the Five College Joint Appointment program, post-doctoral appointments and other academic programs.

Nancy Eckert (542-4001) is business office coordinator and handles central communications as well as the scheduling and catering arrangements for all meetings at the Five College center.

[Nancy Goff]Nancy Goff (542-4010) is director of development and is responsible for all grant activities within the consortium. She convenes the chief foundation officers, the corporate and foundation officers, and several grant-related committees.

[Kevin Kennedy]Kevin Kennedy (542-4017) director of communications, is Five College's public relations officer. He is responsible for the consortium's published materials  and its website content. His administrative responsibilities include work with committees in such areas as art, admissions, museum collaboration and student affairs, and as advisor to the Five College Student Coordinating Board. Kevin can be contacted for questions about the Five College Calendar of Events.

Susan Lander (542-4025) information technology specialist, supports and maintains internal information systems.

Sarah Lince (542-4024) is coordinator for academic programs. As a member of the senior staff Sarah is primary staff liaison to more than 25 consortial academic programs and collaborative projects, providing advising on budget planning, project evaluation and strategic planning. 

[Barbara Lucey]Barbara Lucey (542-4004) treasurer, is responsible for all financial and administrative aspects of consortial activity, including preparation of the Five College budget. She serves as liaison and lead investigator for administrative areas of Five College collaboration. She convenes and moderates the meetings of the Principal Business Officers, the Human Resource Directors, and other administrative groups as well as the committees overseeing Five Colleges’ investments and audit. Along with Neal B. Abraham, she is a manager of Five College Net, LLC.

Julie Martyn (542-4003) is Five College staff accountant.

[Yvette Morneau]Yvette Morneau (542-4002) CPA, is business manager and assistant treasurer. She prepares Five Colleges, Inc.’s financial statements, audit materials, and tax-related filings. She supervises Five College accounting and the business office as well as convening the Emergency Management, Health, and Public Safety group and serving as a liaison to the Five College Learning in Retirement program.

[Marie Muir]Marie Muir (542-4013) is administrative assistant for Five College communications and academic programs.

Taliesin Nyala (542-4015) is communications specialist for Five Colleges and Museums10. She carries out a variety of marketing and communications responsibilities to promote Five College and Museums10 programs.

[Marla Solomon]Marla Solomon (542-4018) is the director of Five College Partnership Programs who builds and maintains relationships among school teachers and administrators in the Pioneer Valley and faculty members and administrators at the Five College consortium.

[Nate Therien]Nate Therien (542-4011) director for academic programs, staffs a number of academic councils and committees, including the certificate programs in African studies and Asian/Pacific/American studies, and the East Asian languages program. He also oversees two key funds supporting collaborative activity, the Faculty Seminar Fund and the Lecture Fund, and facilitates new projects. Through meetings with the registrars, he monitors the interchange and assists in coordinating the Five College Academic Calendar.

Maria Toyofuku (542-4014) is director of information technology for Five Colleges, Incorporated and its subsidiary Five College Net, LLC. She works closely with IT leaders from the member institutions of the consortium. Maria is also webmaster of the Five College website.