Five College Strategic Plan

Meeting Summaries

Presidents and Board Chairs Planning Discussion
The presidents and board chairs (or designees) of the five institutions met to discuss their vision of an enhanced consortium and ways to bring cooperation to a more central place in each campus's academic and administrative operations.

Directors and Officers Retreat
The presidents and chancellor, academic deans and provosts, student affairs deans, and principal business officers of the five colleges met at Mount Holyoke College for an intensive strategic planning session focused on a vision for the consortium in 2020

Faculty Retreat
Twenty-eight faculty members, representing a range of disciplines and affiliations, gathered at the Smith College Club, to provide faculty ideas and perspectives on the strategic development of Five College cooperation.

Department Chairs Meeting
Department chairs devoted their plenary session to discussion of three questions: What does the consortium do well?; what could it do better?; what could it do effectively that it is not doing now?