Strategic Plan Timeline

Spring Semester 2011

  • Working groups form to begin focused exploration and implementation of new strategic initiatives.

Fall Semester 2010

  • Deans renew their call for “concept papers” for new and enhanced forms of academic cooperation.
  • Strategic plan draft is available on Five Colleges web site for community review and comment (deadline for comment submission: October 31, 2010).
  • Strategic plan is discussed at the annual meeting of department chairs and program directors/coordinators on September 11, 2010.
  • Task forces and working groups explored collaborative opportunities that had been identified in the planning process.
  • Following review of comments and any ensuing revisions, the Five College Strategic Plan was adopted by the Five College Board of Directors in December 2010.

Summer 2010

  • Strategic plan is drafted based on extensive community engagement and more than 400 ideas and comments submitted via strategic planning web site.
  • Task forces and working groups continue to explore collaborative opportunities identified to date in planning process.

Spring Semester 2010

  • Five College Strategic Planning web site is launched, featuring mechanism for all constituents to submit ideas and comments.
  • Task forces and/or working groups are formed to explore particular academic and/or administrative areas for expanded collaboration, cooperation or coordination identified in strategic planning retreats and endeavors to date.
  • Board chairs and other trustees of the five institutions hold strategic planning retreat.

Fall Semester 2009

  • Five Colleges, Incorporated, Executive Director Neal Abraham meets with major administrative leaders, student government leaders and governing groups, some trustees, and faculty members on each of the campuses to understand strengths and opportunities around existing consortial endeavors.
  • Plenary session of department chairs’ and program directors/coordinators’ annual meeting focuses on key planning questions: what we do well as a consortium, what we do but could do better, and what we do not do that we could do to make a better consortium?
  • Strategic planning retreat of faculty members. Participants: six selected faculty members from each institution, plus visiting faculty guests representing other consortia.
  • Strategic planning retreat of Five College directors, business officers, academic deans and student affairs officers.
  • Deans renew their call for “concept papers” for new and enhanced forms of academic cooperation. Proposals are reviewed and encouraged.

Summer 2009

  • At request of deans and directors, faculty groups explore ways to enhance inter-institutional teaching and learning through “blended courses” that would combine face-to-face and distance communication for in-class and out-of-class activities. Deans issue a call for proposals from inter-institutional groups of faculty members to pursue these ideas.

Spring Semester 2009

  • The directors (presidents and chancellor) issue a call to the campuses for renewed focus on coordinated and collaborative efforts.
  • An investigation is launched into the possibilities for enhanced service and economies of scale resulting from combining some aspects of our library technical services operations.
  • A Five College “FOG Computing Group” offers recommendations on possible convergences in software licensing and installation.
  • The deans call for “concept papers” for new and enhanced forms of academic cooperation. More than twenty proposals are reviewed by the deans and encouraged in various ways.