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In spring, 2015, Five Colleges replaced Newsbreaks with Collaborations, a newsletter offering ways faculty members, staff members and students can engage with each other through the consortium. Each issue of Collaborations is available in print form, as a pdf, and on the Collaborations website.

Contact Kevin Kennedy with any suggestions you may have for newsworthy events or happenings we could include in the next issue of Collaborations.

Five College PublicationsFive College Print Publications

The Power of Five Colleges
A brochure showing what the Five College consortium offers students.

Academic Calendar 
An integrated schedule of the academic calendars of the five colleges for the current year.


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Spring 2016

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Five College Publications

Annual Report

Five College Yearbook 2015–2016
The Five College 2015–2016 annual report.

Five College Yearbook 2014–2015
The Five College 2014–2015 annual report, along with the 2014-15 financial statement.

Five College Yearbook 2013-2014
The Five College 2013-2014 annual report including financial statement.

Five College Yearbook 2012-2013
The Five College 2012-2013 annual report including financial statement. 

Five College Yearbook 2011-2012 
The Five College 2011-2012 annual report including financial statement.