Five College Publication Archives

The following publications are available for order; please contact Brian Acevedo (413-542-4013) with your inquiry.

Five Colleges: In Brief 

A concise introduction to the consortium, in pamphlet form.

Cultures of Cooperation
Proceedings for the Five College November 1999 conference on "The Future Role of Consortia in Higher Education" are available to download in PDF 4.0 format. The three files comprise the cover, the main text, and the appendix of the printed book.

Optimizing the Consortial Advantage by 2020
A 10-year strategic plan to optimize the advantages of the consortium for students and faculty members.

Five College Cooperation: 
A Guide to the Consortial Framework
A detailed description of the consortium that addresses common questions about its structures, policies, and procedures, joint programming and other forms of collaboration both academic and administrative.